Just when you thought the WWE Survivor Series couldn’t get any crazier. In the latest installment of the series, former WWE Star Enzo Amore was caught sneaking into the arena and causing a scene in the stands. After being epically taken down by a female security guard, Amore was ultimately escorted out of the arena by security.

Amore, currently wrestling in the independent scene and pursuing a rap career under the name “nZo”, snuck into the arena at Survivor Series and had been watching from the stands when he stood up midway through the event and began jeering and directing the audience attention towards him, yelling his catchphrases from his time in the WWE.

Amore was fired from the WWE in January 2018 amid allegations of sexual assault from October 2017, but the charges have since been dropped.

His disruption was met with nearly unanimous booing from the crowd.


Amore was then pummeled to the crowd by a female security guard and escorted out of the building while the audience cheered. The entire incident was outrageously wild, and as always, the Internet had a lot to say.

It’s actually surprising Amore was able to attend the Survivor Series at all. This past weekend, Amore was kicked off a Delta flight from JFK Airport to LAX. The reason? He refused to stop vaping. After failing to listen to the flight attendants, Amore was escorted off the plane.Police were called to the gate, but Amore wasn’t arrested.

The WWE has yet to issue a statement on the recent events involving Amore.

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