Are you as excited as us about Pain & Gain? The movie, which stars The Rock and Mark Wahlberg as two bodybuilders-turned-criminals, tells the true story of the Sun Gym Gang in Miami. It’s a real example of just how much stranger truth is than fiction. The film also stars Anthony Mackie, Ken Jeong, Tony Shalhoub, and Ed Harris, with director Michael Bay behind the camera. 

Wahlberg had just wrapped filming Broken City, where he plays an ex-cop in New York, before starting work on this movie. Our May issue details exactly how he gained 40 pounds of muscle to take on the role of Daniel Lugo. Wahlberg even created his own line of GNC supplements, Marked, to help him get there (check out out our giveaway for $1,000 dollars worth of Marked products).

In The Rock’s words, the film is “an incredible, insane, dark, funny, true story.”

Check out the trailer:

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