You don’t have to be a New England Patriot’s fan to appreciate the talents of their star tight end, Rob Gronkowski. The 6 ft 6, 265-pounder combines speed, strength, size, and athleticism to dominate opponents on the field each week.

Few big men have been as successful finding the end zone throughout their career as Gronk. Of course it helps to have Tom Brady getting you the ball, but it also helps to have the strength to shed tacklers or drag them down the field as if they were little kids hanging onto your jersey.

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And that’s just what the three-time, Patriot Pro-Bowler did during this past Sunday’s game against the New York Jets. Here he is taking a small gain and turning it into a 24-yarder while hauling Jets safety Marcus Gilchrist down the field. The man is and has always been a beast to bring down.