If you’ve already binge-watched The Witcher on Netflix, we don’t need to tell you that Henry Cavill got absolutely monstrous and ripped to prepare for the role of Geralt of Rivia. If you haven’t seen the series, here’s the shape he got in to play the Witcher:



Cavill trained hard to hit his goal physique, even working with Dave Rienzi, a bodybuilding expert who also trains none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. With a second season of The Witcher on the way, Cavill is back at training, but he’s got some other goals in mind, too.

Namely, he’s working on his cardio ahead of The Durrell Challenge, a 13k (8-mile) race to benefit the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, one of Cavill’s favorite charities. The trust works to save endangered species from extinction, and it’s had quite an impact so far.

After his first run in training for the May 17 race, Cavill shared an Instagram video to raise some awareness for the cause.



“The first run, I will tell you, isn’t the easiest, but it’s worth it,” Cavill said in the video. The run, which will take place in Jersey (not the new one, the UK one) sounds like no joke, and even Cavill is getting a jump on training pretty early.

If you’re interested in the race or tossing a coin to the Witcher, you can sign up at doitfordurrell.com. As for Cavill, he’d better train up. If his Instagram comments are any indication, he’ll need to outrun a sea of women to finish the race.