We know Dwayne Johnson is a workout warrior, and this week he wanted to get a jump on chest day by knocking out a few bench presses with chains attached. The weight of choice was 275 pounds with five half reps, 10 full reps, and a two-second pause at the bottom. 

This is just one exercise out of ‘The Rock’s’ intense workout. If you want to be like the bald-headed muscleman, try out both his shoulder and arms routine

When he hasn’t been in the gym, he’s been filming his latest movie, Rampage. In these pictures he shed some light on his co-stars, the plot of the film, and motion capture effects of George, the silverback gorilla. 


Johnson is for sure a busy man, but always finds time to hit the gym. The Brad Peyton-directed film is due out on April 20, 2018.