The Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr. bout is about a month away, and it’s obvious that the MMA fighter’s celebrity profile has reached its pinnacle. 

With that comes the opportunity for people like super-athlete Islam Badurgov to slap on some fake tattoos and make-up, and parade around in front of people dying to get a glimpse of the “Notorious.” 

The overly jacked impersonator strolled up to famous Muscle Beach in Venice, CA, and began to bust out some muscle ups and other extremely impressive calisthenics workouts. Admittedly, he completely nails the bravado and look of the famed MMA athlete perfectly.  

He ultimately draws a huge crowd, but how could anyone not notice that this guy is nowhere near 155lbs? The video seems to be all fun and games until he brings a woman to tears around the 3:12 mark. The moment she realizes it’s prank won’t be pretty. 

Badurgov is a hell of an athlete, and his Instagram page is full of ridiculous workouts like the one below.

As for the real McGregor, in addition to his upcoming bout with the undefeated boxer, he also has a documentary on the way, and has been going at it with boxing legend Mike Tyson