The Pittsburgh Steelers’ outside linebacker is regarded as one of the most fiercely motivated, hardworking players in the NFL. Between coming out of retirement to return to his team and keeping up the grind in the weight room, “Silverback” is proving that age will not be a factor for one of the oldest linebackers in the NFL. 

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In his Instagram post below you can see Harrison cranking out power cleans and very heavy barbell hip thrusts.

Here, Harrison knocks out a medicine ball core and upper body movement on the left, and on the right, you can see him perform an impressively quick banded speed bench with two plates. If this training translates to his performance on the field this coming season (which it most certainly will), you can bet that Harrison will still be a running back’s worst nightmare.

Oh, did we mention his core work:

And just for a little fun, “Danneyball”