James Harrison Reveals Why He Works Out in Sweats

The NFL linebacker thought it was time to address why he wears a full sweatsuit at the gym.

In case you were wondering why James Harrison wears a full sweatsuit when he hits the gym, here is your answer.

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According to Harrison, he does so out of generosity for his teammates, “…is so they can’t see my arms, I don’t want to discourage people from coming in here to workout just because my arms so damn big.”

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This 38-year-old NFL vet is still going strong as he is in the midst of his 14th season in the league. It’s clear his dedication to the weight room and his body is what has propelled him throughout his long career. The hard work seems to be paying off, being that he has already racked up five sacks on the year, which was his total for all of last season. #92 will be back on the field this weekend against the Buffalo Bills.