James Harrison likely saved the Pittsburgh Steelers season Sunday night, proving once again that the 38-year old can still play at an elite level in the NFL. With the Steelers in danger of blowing their lead late in the game, it was Harrison who forced Kansas City left tackle Eric Fisher into a holding penalty, negating a game-tying two-point conversion during the Steelers 18-16 win. On a defense full of young talent, it was the veteran Harrison who stepped up, and proved that age is just a number.

But, how can Harrison keep producing at such a high level? 

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The Steelers linebacker sat down with NFL Network’s Andrea Kremer last week and gave us an answer, estimating that he spends a jaw-dropping $350,000 per year on his body. Harrison then ran down a long list of people he has employed to help with his ‘body work’, a team which includes an acupuncturist, dry needling specialist, trainer, doctor, three masseuses, and two chiropractors.

Are the expenses worth it? 

“Yes,” Harrison joked, “The problem is going to be trying to keep that up when I’m done playing so that I can still feel good.”

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It’s a steep price to pay, but it looks like his expenses are well worth it. If you want proof, watch the impressive workout videos he posts on Instagram. There is no denying that Harrison remains a beast in the gym.

Now, let’s see if Harrison can continue to impress as the Pittsburgh Steelers get ready to face the New England Patriots next Sunday for the AFC Championship.