Japanese weighlifter Eishiro Murakami goes by the nickname, “The Tank,” and it’s easy to see why. The 24-year-old regularly posts Instagram videos of himself squatting, deadlifting, and overall lifting crazy amounts of weight.

According to his Insta profile, he’s trying to achieve a 400kg (881.8-pound) squat. He’s obviously working hard at it, as evidenced by a recent post that shows him squatting 365kg (805 pounds). 

Watch the absolute unit in action here: 

Murakami made the squat look relatively easy, and it looks like he had more trouble reracking the bar than he did with the actual lift. 

A 400kg squat would be quite impressive, but it’d still be quite short of the all-time world record. That title is held by Israeli Vlad Alhazov, squatted 1,157 pounds with wraps in 2018. American Ray Williams holds the all-time raw record after squatting 1,080 pounds earlier this year.  

Could Murakami one day challenge for that No. 1 spot? It’s tough to say, but he certainly has the drive to excel in the sport. 

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But The Tank is not just a young man with a passion for weightlifting—he’s also a giant, literally and figuratively, in the Japanese sports world. 

He holds his country’s all-time record for snatch at 188kg (414 pounds), clean and jerk at 227kg (500 pounds), and total at 414kg (912.7 pounds). 

Murakami clearly has a bright future ahead of him, and we’re excited to see what other records he might smash in the coming years. Take a look at some of his biggest lifts below: 



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