Injuries suck. Getting hurt sucks. Not only will they keep you away from the gym, but injuries will leave you frustrated and prevent you from hitting workouts hard. Workout injuries are caused by more than just a bad deadlift, a majority of it has to do with carelessness and faulty equipment.

Treadmills, for example, cause more injuries than any other piece of exercise equipment — people can fall, trip, slip, and even get their fingers caught in the belt. 

A significant number of injuries also happen when people get hit, struck, crushed by weights, or even hit by other gym goers.

As for training-related mishaps, research shows that sprains and strains account for more than half of all injuries.

Learn how to protect yourself, be aware of other people’s safety, and enjoy more results with less missed days by following these eight tips to avoid the most common gym-related injuries.