Jeff Nippard is a lifetime natural bodybuilder and a respected coach who is driven by the data as relates to health and fitness, so it may have come as a surprise to many when his latest video hit YouTube with the title “Steroids Are Awesome.” The new episode was his first to smash one hundred thousand viewers in the first hour and will break one million views in its first 24 hours. Here’s what you need to know.

“The problem with steroids is that they work, like really work,” says the Canadian coach in the opening of his eye-catching video. “That’s probably irresponsible of me to say, but if we’re going to talk about the steroid epidemic, we need to do it honestly.” Those wondering if Jeff was shunning his natural status to move over to the dark side need not worry, however, as the video is a frank and non-patronizing discussion on the pros and cons of becoming a steroid user. Nippard felt the need to make the video because he’s observed that many fitness influencers are honest about their use of performance enhancing drugs, but this has led many of their fans to follow suit. “The bigger problem is a lot of fitness influencers are only ever partially transparent,” he adds. “They say they’re on steroids, and they show their gains, but they rarely if ever show any of the bad stuff, so the only logical conclusion is that steroids are amazing.”

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In the video, Jeff Nippard gets first-hand accounts from doctors and steroids users to detail some of the side effects such as an enlarged heart, anxiety, and even IQ reduction, explaining the positives and pitfalls of performance enhancing drugs.

Setting out his own position, Jeff Nippard says: “I’m not the health police, you can do whatever you want with your body, and I’ve got no problem with people who enhance, but I at least want people to be aware of exactly what you are doing, and the full effect it has, good and bad.” The episode has recorded overwhelmingly positive reviews so far.

User @JoniCardenas commented: “Jeff, Dr Mike, and Derek from MPMD – this is like the Avengers Endgame of YouTube fitness influencers.”

User @amarug commented: “For those wondering about the title, the channel ‘kurzgesagt’ recently made a video titled “Smoking is Awesome” and it follows the same narrative, down to the ‘let’s smoke a cigarette together’ and then go through the physiological effects. Many people commented it was the best anti-smoking video they’d ever seen and I think it’s an awesome idea by Jeff to make a ‘mirror video’ about steroids. They will be a huge health burden for many in the near future.”

User @Aedantus commented: “Physician here chiming in. I work in a specialty that I come across many patients young and old that have used or are now using anabolic steroids. I really appreciate that you bring to light some of these real concerns. I have spoken with colleagues about this paradoxical effect that increased honesty amongst influencers has had on steroid usage, and that complete honesty is still not achieved by just stating that they are taking steroids and sometimes specifics about cycles. Again, very much appreciated.”

You can watch the full video here: