John Cena has had a long WWE career, and he’s amassed quite an arsenal of high-impact moves over the course of it, like the Attitude Adjustment, the STFU, and the ill-fated springboard stunner. But ahead of WWE Live Shanghai, he teased a then-nameless “Sixth Move of Doom” inspired by the martial arts discipline Bajiquan. He’s been spending a fair amount of time training at the Jackie Chan Training Center in Tianjin, China, so it’s no shock that his latest move was inspired by martial arts.

Despite having been out of the ring for months, Cena confidently teased the move’s big reveal in some Twitter posts, looking absolutely ripped as he did so.

Here’s one of the posts:



At WWE Live Shanghai, Cena finally debuted the move—the Lightning Fist—and put it to good use.

In a six-man tag-team match, Cena took down Elias in the blink of an eye with the much-anticipated finisher, and the crowd went wild. Check it out:



The Lighting Fist was a key move in the match, which Cena, Bobby Lashley, and Finn Bálor won. It’s safe to say that Cena’s back, and he’s faster than ever.

As for what’s next, Cena is set to appear with Lashley at WWE Super Show-Down on Saturday, Oct. 6 on the WWE Network.

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