Hitting the gym everyday in hopes of packing on lean slabs of muscle gets exhausting. Need some more motivation to get you through your week? John Cena has your chest day covered. We caught up with the WWE superstar to get his tips for chiseling a massive chest.

John Cena’s Bench Tips

No. 1: Train the Overhead Press

“A max-effort press, whether it’s seated or standing, is very important,” Cena says, explaining that the extra shoulders and triceps work have a direct carryover to the bench.”

No. 2: Build Up Your Back

“It wasn’t until I got that going that the weight on the bench started going up,” Cena says. “You need strong lats to give you the right stability.”

No. 3: Keep Your Feet on the Ground

“I see so many people bench with their feet up,” Cena says. “I can understand if they’re trying to work some awkward core stability, but nine times out of 10 thy jut think they’re working their chest more. You need your feet on the ground to be as stable as you can be.”

No. 4: Never Give Up

Cena practices what he preaches. I case you need some more proof that his tips work, check out his video. The Champ was front and center earlier this year, shooting his message to the Twitter-verse, the trend is “#NeverGiveUp.” His Twitter slogan was also in use after last week’s “Monday Night Raw,” when he saluted a young cancer patient in the ring.

Check out his latest video where he benched 487 pounds.