Mark Wahlberg has always been fit, but the veteran actor has taken it up a notch lately. In a recent Instagram post, he showed off his current physique after six months of clean eating and hard training, and you’d never guess he’s 48 years old.

In the post, Wahlberg attributes his shape to his Performance Inspired Nutrition supplement line, Aquahydrate electrolyte water, and F45 Training. He’s a big believer in the brands he mentioned in his post, and it’s easy to see why. Check out the post below:



Even with all of the best resources, a body like that takes serious dedication to the gym, and F45 workouts are no joke. The “F” stands for functional, and 45 is the number of minutes any given workout will take. That may not sound like enough time to get shredded like Marky Mark, but the HIIT-based routines incorporate explosive, full-body moves that would get anyone sweating. 

And if you thought his physique update leaned heavily on posing and good lighting, think again. Wahlberg doubled down on the shirtless posts this weekend with a video announcing Aquahydrate’s new aluminum bottles. The six-pack is still there, and it’s just as sharp as the sword he swings around in the beginning of the video:



Despite being in the best shape of his life, Wahlberg doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. 

“I’ll see you at F45 in 2020,” he said. “We’re getting after it, let’s go.” 

If he looks like this after just six months on his current regimen, we can’t wait to see what he accomplishes in the New Year.