If you had a rough Valentine’s Day don’t worry, I’m 100% sure it didn’t involve you suddenly realizing you are not the father of your pregnant wife’s child. 

Jimmy Kimmel dropped another classic skit on us on Jimmy Kimmel Live featuring Matt Damon as his wife’s fling on the side. It was only last week that Damon made his first appearance on the show, but as Tom Brady, which was the only way he could make it on. 

Although we are use to seeing the award winning actor in more serious and action-packed roles he did not let us down in either of these two hilarious skits. 

Damon will switch gears back into what we know him for in his next movie, The Great Wall. The movie is an alternate history sci-fi tale that dives into The Great Wall of China being built to keep out supernatural monsters, according to fandango.com. The Zhang Yimou directed film will release nationwide on February 17.