Conor McGregor has been in the media pretty frequently ever since his outrageous payday following his face-off against Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the boxing ring. But despite his name popping up in plenty of headlines, there hasn’t been any solid news about a potential next opponent. The highly ranked Khabib Nurmagomedov tried to change that by engaging with McGregor over Twitter, and, unsurprisingly, things got interesting.

As you’d expect, the two exchanged a series of petty social media jabs. Check them out below:

Ultimately, no matter what Nurmagomedov has to say about it, McGregor holds all the cards firmly in his hand. He’s the sport’s biggest name, and just about everyone who’s anywhere near his weight class is chomping at the bit for a chance to square off with him. This queue could potentially include Mayweather, who UFC President Dana White claims is considering bringing his talents over to the UFC

McGregor is clearly aware of this rumor and posted the picture below to give us a preview of what he thinks would happen.

Although the Internet clowning is always funny, we’d ultimately want to see Nurmagomedov and McGregor in the Octagon, but will it happen? 

Guess we’ll have to stay tuned.

Conor McGregor

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