No one will dispute that former Green Bay Packers quarterback, Super Bowl champ, and three-time MVP, Brett Favre laid it all out on the gridiron every Sunday. And while his strength and toughness were always impressive, his physique never stood out as one that spent a lot of time in the gym. Even if Twitter and Instagram were around back then, you could be sure there wouldn’t be any posts of the star QB posing shirtless in front of a mirror. 

Cut to 2017, where times and physiques have clearly changed. One doesn’t need to look any further than this recent tweet fired off by Favre showcasing his chiseled body along with his wife, Deanna. The photograph was a response to a “Flex 4 Forces” challenge being promoted by the USO. Favre was challenged by country singer Tim McGraw. And from the looks of the pic, the pro football Hall of Famer and his wife totally crushed it.

Does this mean the shredded 47-year-old is ready for a miraculous comeback? Ah, no, but if anyone could pull it off at that age, Favre would be the man to bet on.  

After Favre accepted McGraw’s challenge, he went on to put Ashton Kutcher and Garth Brooks to the test. Here’s how they responded: