On the season 7 finale of the NBC show, two men, Isaac Caldiero and Geoff Britten, showed why they were the cream of the crop when they shredded the four-stage, 23-obstacle course.

Caldiero, a 33-year-old professional rock climber and part-time bus boy, plowed through stage three, utilizing a ton of upper body and core strength to advance to the final round, which was a precarious 75-foot rope climb.

Take a look at his mesmerizing performance in the video below. 

He beat out the 36-year-old Britten by 3.6 seconds, who just narrowly completed stage four in the required 30-second time limit, to win the $1 million grand prize. And while Britten didn’t come out victorious, you’ve got to admire the man’s effort and determination to succeed.

You can check out Britten’s performance in stage three, which is also pretty damn impressive, in the video below.