Fans of Pee-Wee Herman who tuned into the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night got a real treat when they saw the beloved comedian dish about his recent doings and upcoming new movie Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday. However, it was his story about appearing on the cover of M&F (seen in the clip above) that really surprised some folks.

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According to Pee-Wee, it all started at Joe Manganiello’s wedding, where the two friends (and stars of Big Holiday) joked about appearing together on the next M&F cover. That probably would have been the end of it had Arnold Schwarzenegger not also been at the wedding…but he was. And once ‘The Oak’ got wind of Pee-Wee’s quest to be on the cover, he offered some helpful advice.

Along with the entertaining story, we also got to hear Jimmy Fallon’s dead on impersonation of Arnold. Enjoy the clip and be sure to check newsstands for the next issue of Muscle & Fitness.