Although most in the bodybuilding community expect Phil Heath to make a run at getting his Sandow trophy back from Shawn Rhoden, the seven-time Mr. O may have some other plans moving forward. Heath, when asked about a future in the WWE, didn’t shut the idea down. In fact, he actually entertained the thought of it.

However, the one holdup Heath mentioned would be his physical condition, noting both his back and hips as points of contention. He’s put a ton of miles on his body on the journey to racking up seven Mr. Olympia wins, but all of that work has come at a price, as evidenced by various surgeries, including a hernia operation after the 2017 Olympia.

Still, Heath did make an appearance on WWE’s RAW several months back with his friend Mojo Rawley. In addition to Rawley, Heath is also friends with The Rock. Hell, Heath even geeked out over The Rock’s physique a few months back. 

At only 5’9”, Heath has an incredible physique that could play excellently when rampaging through the ring and tossing men around like rag dolls. Although he would be the most accomplished bodybuilder to step into the ring, the WWE does have a history of attracting bodybuilders early on in their careers. People like John Cena, Triple H, and Dave Bautista all dabbled in the bodybuilding world prior to making the switch. 

In the case of Heath, this would be his second career switch, because he initially began his athletic journey as a basketball player. He went to the University of Denver and was on the basketball team all four years. 

Obviously this is more just fun speculation at this point, but the thought of one of the best Mr. Olympias of all time having his WrestleMania moment would definitely be a surreal (and welcome) sight.