The WWE Universal Championship is up for grabs, and both a “Monster” and a “Beast” have their eyes on the prize. With Roman Reigns vacating the belt due to illness, it was determined that the next champion would be decided at Crown Jewel in a 1-on-1 match between Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar.

At the beginning of Raw this week, acting GM Baron Corbin got quickly interrupted by Lesnar and his “advocate” Paul Heyman. As always, Heyman used his boisterous rhetoric to tell the crowd that Lesnar beating Strowman wasn’t just likely – it was “a fact, a 100% guarantee.”

Of course, Strowman had something to say about that. “The Monster Among Men” wasn’t afraid of Lesnar, and told him that at Crown Jewel, he was going to “get these hands.”

Corbin tried to defuse the situation, but all he got for his efforts was two running powerslams, courtesy of Strowman. Lesnar, clearly amused by the whole situation, encouraged Strowman to take down Corbin a third time.

This time, however, Lesnar used Stowman’s blind spot to his advantage, and delivered a powerful F-5 to the “Monster.” He then posed with the belt and left the arena.

Against anyone else, Lesnar’s mind games may have given him the upper hand. But when it comes to Braun Strowman, the last thing anyone wants is to see him angry. We’ll find out if his rage is enough to get him the championship in four days at Crown Jewel.