WWE Raw superstar Braun Strowman leaves destruction in his wake, and has defeated the likes of powerhouses Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, and The Undertaker in his Raw appearances. Following a shattered elbow at the hands of Reigns, Strowman got his revenge in a very big way—by beating the hell out of Reigns backstage, declaring “I’m not finished with you!”, and then literally tipping over his ambulance.

Demeanor aside, Strowman’s appearance alone is equally intimidating—at 6’8″ and 366lbs, it would be hard for “The Monster Among Men” not to look scary. But as if his sheer size weren’t enough, Strowman took to Instagram to prove that, yes, big guys can be cut too.

He also shared his (very simple) advice for those who want ripped abs: “Hard work and kinda clean eating is all it takes!!!!” That “kinda” is pretty reassuring for those of us who aren’t in love with the idea full-on clean eating.

Last week, Strowman shared a similar snap, but of his unsurprisingly gargantuan back. Because weak lats can’t lift ambulances.

The hashtag #BackLikeABarnDoor says it all. Now take a tip from Strowman and do your rows so that you, too, can accurately compare your back to a barn door.