'Raw' Recap: The Shield Survives Another Day While Drew McIntyre Knocks Out Braun Strowman

One alliance breaks while another barely stays alive.

Photos from WWE RAW
Courtesy of WWE

Week after week, the question remains: Can the uneasy alliance between Dean Ambrose and his “Shield” teammates, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns, endure?

Last week, Ambrose stormed out of the ring without Rollins or Reigns after losing to the “Dogs of War” (Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler, and Drew McIntyre). This week, Rollins and Ambrose nearly took each other out after Rollins's attempt to help Ambrose win the “WWE World Cup” qualifiers backfired, with Ziggler coming out on top.

As a result, tensions were high going into the main event of the night, with “The Shield” facing off against the “Dogs of War” once again in a 3-on-3 tag team match.

For a while, it seemed the “Dogs” had the advantage, with Reigns being unable to tag in his teammates. Eventually, Rollins and Ambrose managed to get in the ring, but once again the two almost came to blows after Ziggler knocked Rollins into Ambrose.

However, “The Shield” managed to regain their composure, and the real turning point of the match occurred when McIntyre accidentally nailed Strowman with a “Claymore Kick” when trying to hit Reigns. Afterward, Ambrose was able to get a pin for the victory.

To the shock of absolutely no one, Strowman wasn't too happy about getting hit by his teammate. After the match, he lashed out at Ziggler with a running powerslam, but was quickly blindsided by another “Claymore Kick” from McIntyre–except this time it was on purpose.

While many feared Ambrose would be the one to betray his teammates, it looks like Strowman beat him to the punch. However, with “The Shield's” unity feeling as tenuous as ever, time will tell if the “brotherhood” lasts another week.