It’s all about focus with The Rock, whether in the gym or on the movie set. He demands it of himself and everyone on his team, even his trusted canine friends toe the line when it comes to focus.

Mr. Johnson’s latest variation on the theme of focus was delivered in the middle of a set of 405-pound dumbbell shrugs. The Rock posted the following message with the video below, and while one of the words used is a little salty, he did give a check to make sure he could deliver it without causing offense:

“Key with delivering an effective “FOCUS” is the subsequent “f*ck” said under your breath followed by the intense death stare. 405lb barbell shrug and inaudible gorilla grunts are optional. #KeepItClangin #KeepItBangin #AndDontTalkToMeInTheGym #FOCUS”

Also, check out one of the most important hash tags The Rock uses in the message, which could serve as today’s most valuable lesson. “#AndDontTalkToMeInTheGym” is really a solid request/piece of advice. If you want to lift weights, then go to the gym. If you want to be social, then go to a social club. If you want to get to know the people at your gym, then you wait until they are finished working out before saying hello. Period. Don’t bug them while they are trying to get their burn on, it’s lousy gym etiquette. Check out The Rock in action: