Sure the winters can be cold, dark and dreary, but there’s light at the end of that long, chilly tunnel thanks to this reminder from Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. In his recent Instagram post, the mega-star tells us to fear not, because summer is right around the corner and ‘it’s gonna feel soooooo good!’

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Of course Johnson is touting his upcoming beach flick, Baywatch, where he along with his sidekick Zac Efron will be showcasing their shred along the California coastline. And don’t worry guys, they’ll be plenty of eye-candy for you to enjoy during your time in the theater thanks to the likes of the incredibly hot, Alexandra Daddario – who co-starred with Johnson in San Andreas – and Brazilian bombshell, Ana Flavia Gavlak. 

So hang in there for a few more months, “but for now, says Johnson, “just close your eyes and imagine you running next to us down our beach in slo-motion… now imagine me turning to you, looking deep in your eyes and giving you a sexy slo-mo kiss on the lips (if you’re a girl), or me giving you a bad ass slo-mo fist bump (if you’re a dude), then imagine me throwing both of your asses in the ocean.” 

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