The Rock Lifts A Refrigerator in New 'Baywatch' Trailer

The second trailer for 'Baywatch' has been released. Check out the teaser featuring Dwayne Johnson's incredible fitness feats.

The second trailer for the upcoming Baywatch movie is here, and it's filled with more action and women, but this time we get to see The Rock lift a refrigerator. Of course, movies have their special effects, but something tells us that Dwayne Johnson lifting a huge kitchen appliance (or two) isn’t too far fetched. In the scene, The Rock (as Mitch Buchanan) is competing against a complaining Zac Efron (playing Matt Brody), and yells, “This is Baywatch, you p***y.”

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We also saw The Rock flex his muscles in this trailer and get into a fight, which looks like it'll be another great scene.

Also watch for sexy actress Priyanka Chopra, who plays Victoria Leed, the presumed devilishly sexy and sinister villain. The trailer is a little over one minute long and jam-packed with action.

For those excited for the upcoming Baywatch movie. you'll have to wait until May 26, but until then, we will keep sharing updates.

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