Dwayne Johnson is as synonymous with a clean-shaven head as the Fast and Furious franchise is with explosions. However, that has not hampered him on his way to becoming the highest-paid actor on the Forbes list. Recently on Twitter, “The Rock” revealed the reason why.

The 44-year-old mega star came across this hilarious gif from his football days at the University of Miami:

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He’s staring intensely at the opposing team, which happens to be FSU, a fierce rival of the Hurricanes. But what “The Rock” took from the clip was his hair, which he compared to a “[l]ama’s ball sac.”

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Everyone has to find their look, and Johnson just happens to have an almost hairless one.

In other news surrounding the WWE legend, he’s super busy heading into the promo tour for his upcoming movies Fate of the Furious and Baywatch. Here is the latest clip from the latter:

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