Live from New York, where the snow was falling in buckets this past weekend, Ronda Rousey made her television debut as host of SNL where she kicked ass in more ways than one. In her opening monologue, the former UFC bantamweight champ came out looking like a total knockout, and was gracious enough to praise Holly Holm — the woman who beat her at UFC 193 to shock the fighting world. She also got to smack a Justin Bieber impersonator, which is always a big crowd-pleaser. 

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While the former champ appeared in a variety of skits that showcased her comedic range, it was the side-splitter above titled ‘Love Struck’ that most people seemed to like best. With it’s anti-bullying message, this video short allowed Rousey to combine her acting talents with the skills that’s made her a huge star throughout the world. If only all bullies experienced the same type of feedback.