If you wondering whether age is slowing Sylvester Stallone down, think again. This weekend, Sly took to Instagram to share a photo of himself from the early 1980s—sometime between filming ‘Rocky II’ and ‘Rocky III’— alongside a photo of him in the gym today. Despite both pictures featuring similar poses, the 1980s Stallone is only lifting 40 pounds, where the Sly of today is lifting a whopping 100 pounds.

You’d think Sly would be slowing down at 72 years young, but it seems he’s just getting started.

Recently, Stallone has taken to Instagram often to post progress and throwback pictures to promote his upcoming film Rambo V: Last Blood. He even posted the official combat history of John Rambo.

Last Blood is most likely going to be the final film of the Rambo series, which began in 1982 with First Blood. The fifth film will feature Rambo living a quiet life on a farm dealing with PTSD and physical limitations, and forced back into action when his caregiver’s daughter is kidnaped by a sex trafficking cartel. You can read a full synopsis here.

Rambo V: Last Blood will hit theaters in 2019.