The past few weeks have been pretty rough on Charlotte Flair. After she won the Smackdown Women’s Championship at Summerslam, she got blindsided by her former best friend Becky Lynch while greeting her fans after a match. To add insult to injury, Lynch managed to win the championship belt from Flair at Hell in a Cell.

As a result, it’s no shock that the now-rebellious Lynch came into the ring this week to gloat.

She told the crowd that she’s become “the best thing about Smackdown Live,” and made the Smackdown Women’s Division “the most relevant thing in all of WWE.” But, despite all that, Lynch couldn’t stand that Flair still gets plenty of publicity and a celebrity status.

Lynch then revealed her “surprise” of the evening: A Super Show-Down poster displaying herself triumphant over Flair.

Of course, Flair wasn’t about to take that message lying down. While Becky was prepared for a fight, Flair got the upper hand by throwing her into the poster display, finishing her off with a kick and a triumphant Flair “Woo!”

After weeks of getting tossed around and losing confrontations with Lynch, it appears “The Queen” finally got some momentum this week. We’ll see if that’s enough to defeat Lynch this Saturday at Super Show-Down.