In just about every sport nowadays, we’re seeing more and more celebration antics after a big score. And it’s not just here in America where athletes are ratcheting up the creativity with their post-scoring festivities. 

Gone are the days of the simple celebratory spike or high-five. Today’s athletes take their celebrations seriously knowing that a unique and entertaining display can lead to a few seconds on ESPN’s SportsCenter

So after soccer star Adebayo Akinfenwa of the Wycombe Wanderers in England’s fourth division scored his second goal against Port Vale, he took the opportunity to show off a move more familiar to the squared circle than the playing field. 

For pro wrestling fans, especially those of “The Rock,” you’ll recognize The People’s Elbow being brought down by Akinfenwa on one of his teammates. Watch closely as the jubilant player caps off his airplane celebration with the daunting elbow drop.

So what does the originator of The People’s Elbow think about the brawny player hijacking his infamous pro wrestling move? Responding to a video clip of the striker’s celebration, Johnson tweeted: “Heart stoppin’ elbow droppin’…. well done brotha.”

And if there were any doubt as to who inspired this well-choreographed display, Akinfenwa, the strongest player in professional soccer, makes it perfectly clear with his tweet: