Arnold statue

After scoring a few well-deserved gold medals at the Special Olympics Pre Games in Austria earlier this week, the stock shooting team pictured above headed over to Thal  — Arnold Schwarzenegger’s hometown — to pose in front of their favorite bodybuilder’s statue. Here’s the letter the coach penned to The Oak in hopes of getting another photo autographed by Austria’s favorite son.  

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Dear Arnold!

Thanks for the signed photo from yesterday. The athletes have been very happy about that. Today I have another request. The stock shooters were in the museum and have won the individual and team competition gold medals. Could you please sign this photo? Thank you! Congratulations –AS. Tomorrow and the next day we still have some visitors from Poland, America, and France.

Greetings from Thal,


Always willing to show his admiration for athletes of all levels and abilities, especially ones taking the time to visit his hometown, there’s no doubt that Arnold gladly signed the photo for the proud winners.