By now, most M&Fers know that Terry Crews, who is on the cover of the February issue of Muscle & Fitness, has made some extremely funny ads during his time promoting Old Spice products. As he tells our deputy editor, Matt Tuthill, in the the cover story, these ads are very important to him because they are another outlet for him to express himself.

“First of all, me and Old Spice, we changed what commercials were. You could actually watch commercials for entertainment now, and that was unheard of before. You could maybe watch the Super Bowl commercials here and there, but people watch the Old Spice commercials as if they are watching a TV show. People did say, ‘Why are you doing commercials?’ Why? Because there are no rules, no rules – at all!”

Well, there are definitely no rules in this ad, as Terry appears (and in one scene, disappears) in ways we have never seen before. After talking about there being no rules in his Old Spice ads, Crews says the following, which can apply to ad-making, to lifting in the gym or to anything that is important in life: “You’ve got to throw out what you think somebody should be doing and think about what YOU want to do.”Be sure to check out Terry’s full interview with Matt in our latest issue. It’s a good one. Check out the ad: