You know what they say: work hard, play hard. In Terry Crews’ case, “playing” means downing some serious calories. 

Crews was in stellar shape as he graced our February cover this year, but the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” actor told a Flint Journal reader that the shoot triggered a cheat day for the ages. 

“I decided, when it was done, it was on,” Crews said. “I remember ribs, mac and cheese, beans, potato salad. Everything you can imagine. I’m a big, big barbecue guy. I can have barbecue any day, every day. I had it laid out, then with skillet cornbread. Then I had sweet potato pie, peach cobbler.”


muscle and fitness february 2015 cover terry crews


If we pretended to believe Crews only ate a single serving of the mentioned foods, he would have taken in anywhere from 2000 – 2500 calories in the meal. It was likely a lot more, but we’re not casting stones! Today’s lesson is that even someone with one of the 16 greatest physiques of all time falls off the horse sometimes. What matters is how you respond. 

“I hurt myself that day,” Crews said. “It was pretty wrong I ain’t gonna lie. I earned it though.”