So, what has the mighty Thor been up to as of late? Well, this humorous clip should help answer that question.

In part 2 of this hilarious mockumentary, Chris Hemsworth’s Thor character continues to acclimate to domesticated life in the city, where he shares a flat with his buddy Daryl. In this scene you’ll find the Marvel superhero finding an unusual way to pay for his rent. While it may be an acceptable form of payment for a hammer-wielding God, it’s clearly not cutting it with Daryl, Thor’s “just an average guy” roommate, who’s having a difficult time explaining how things work in the real world.  

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Not only is Thor trying to pay the rent with a pumpkin and some worthless Asgardian coins, which he emphatically states “are worth a gazillion human dollars” in Asgard, he also proceeds to lecture Daryl on what power really is. “Knowledge is not power, [Thor flexes massive bicep] that’s power!” The shredded superhero on a mountain bike, wearing board shorts and a cape, goes on to point out his many muscles, which in his mind translates into having more brains as well. 

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If this clip hits your funny bone like it did ours, check out the previous video released last year, and directed by Ragnarok director Taika Waititi. Here’s hoping for a follow-up to this hilarious look at Thor’s transition into normal life.