Jack Lalanne

When it comes to defining Jack LaLanne, the documentary title says it all. “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE” masterfully commemorates the ‘Godfather of Fitness’ with some of his closest friends: Clint Eastwood, Lou Ferrigno, Diana Nyad and many others speaking to his lifelong achievements and how he set the standard for present day fitness and nutrition. “This documentary is about determination, will and the possibilities we all have within us. Jack LaLanne is a true inspiration to this day,” says Tracy Paul, CEO of Tracy Paul & Company, Inc.

Praise poured in from those who knew LaLanne and who know fitness. “What a life changing experience! I loved watching the film and seeing how persistent [Jack LaLanne] was,” said Don Saladino, fitness expert and founder of Drive495.

“Jack LaLanne is the root of my life,” explains Gunnar Peterson, celebrity fitness trainer. “You have to figure that if Jack hadn’t done his thing, it would be a lot harder for me to do my thing.”

Actor and bodybuilding legend Lou Ferrigno explains what he admired most about LaLanne, “Jack gave. He never just said, ‘Let me take from you.’ He gave to you.”

As the 100-year celebration continues, “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE” will be available for viewing online at www.fusionlifebrands.com/jacklalanne100 until October 8th, 2014.