Roy Jones Jr. is serious as a heart attack when it comes to facing off against UFC legend Anderson Silva. 

He recently spoke to and gave some insight into the developing situation. He said, “I mean to put us on the undercard as the co-main would be a really, really big event. Not only us fighting, but people want to see a boxer versus a MMA guy.”

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The boxer versus MMA audience was thought to be non-existent until the recent Conor McGregor and Mayweather fiasco, which has re-sparked Captain Hook’s interest in facing off against The Spider. 

Yup, you heard it right re-sparked, according to iconic boxer, “Me and Anderson have, for five or six years now, been trying to get a boxing match between us.” Apparently the fight was on the horizon back in 2013 before Silva loss his belt and the draw of the fight deteriorated. 

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What makes it different this time around is that this card would be headlined by McGregor the face of the UFC and Mayweather the face of boxing. Unfortunately, it is unclear if that fight will become a reality.  

We reported last week that Jones Jr. wanted this fight, but it seems to have gained more traction. The boxer has scheduled a meeting with UFC bosses later this week to explore the possibility of the fight.