There’s a handful of good ways to get psyched for a big lift while at the gym. Some guys opt for the primal grunt, while others respond favorably to shouts of encouragement from their training partners. For those who need something a little more physical to get up for the task at hand, a firm, double-handed shoulder pat often does the trick. Even a SELF-slap in the face has been shown effective for some guys looking for that extra energy surge.

Apparently none of these motivational techniques were enough for this iron enthusiast. When the time came to hoist the weight, he called upon his training partner to provide that added boost of adrenaline to ensure his success. It all seemed to be going swimmingly, until he asked for a second helping.

Check out the clip below to see how it all unfolded, and let us know what motivational techniques you use to get amped for your big lifts.


When you pick the wrong hype man !!Dragos Syko WBFF Muscle Model

Posted by James Alexander-Ellis Fitness on Thursday, June 25, 2015