Odell Beckham Jr. is arguably the most talked-about player in the NFL, and let’s be honest: There’s a good reason for it.

Sure, Beckham’s blazing speed and harsh cuts are a product of his natural ability, but don’t be fooled—this physical specimen is a workout warrior. OBJ makes it his mission to stay in the gym, and he also makes it his mission to have the best jams playing in the background.

If you take a good scroll through his Instagram feed, you’ll see it’s filled with a combination of drills and edited highlight reels, which for the most part always have a bass-heavy track that’s perfect for pushing through a grueling workout.

Like James Harrison’s playlist, OBJ’s is hip-hop heavy: Both soundtracks featured artists like Drake, Migos, and Young Thug.

Beckham may have missed a lot of the 2017-2018 season with an anke injury, but the Louisiana product is looking to battle back for next year. Take a look at his latest killer workout below. Most healthy people probably couldn’t even do it:

Take a listen to the songs below that get this superstar wideout hype on the field and in the gym.