Watch: A Crazed Boxer’s Uncle Delivers Haymaker After Fight's Controversial Ending

Andre Dirrell’s uncle shot a three-piece combo at Jose Uzcategui after he was disqualified for a late hit.


Love is really, really strong in the Dirrell family. 

Andre Dirrell came into the ring on Saturday night to defend his WBA Super Middleweight title against Jose Uzcategui. The fight ended at the end of the eighth round when Uzcategui began a combo of punches that ended after the bell had rung, disqualifying him from the match. 

Sounds like a pretty routine situation—until after the fight when Dirrell’s uncle marched into the ring to give Uzcategui a piece of his mind, and ultimately a piece of his fist

Dirrell’s uncle and trainer, Leon Lawson Jr., hit the loser of the fight with a perfect left hook that left Uzcategui stunned, followed by a right straight that didn’t completely connect, then another left that was broken up by someone from Uzcategui’s camp. He may not be the one doing the routines, but he clearly can let his hands go. 

According to, Lawson is being pursued by Prince Geoge’s County Police, and is facing charges from Uzcategui's team. 

To make matters worse, Dirrell himself was questioned because he may have assaulted a commission member before he got in the ring.