Watch: This Disturbingly Bizarre Muscle Cramp Has a Mind of Its Own

Cramps never feel good, but they rarely look as bad as whatever is happening to this guy's gastrocnemius muscle.

Imagine crushing your advanced calves workout only to get in your car to relax and get slammed with this monstrosity of a leg cramp

This poor guy experienced what looked like a complete nightmare, as you can see the muscle contracting and jumping around under the skin while he just watched and took the abuse. He wrote in the caption of the video, “Look at this shit. Painful yes it was.” 

Avoid being demobilized by cramps by first knowing that a cramp is when a muscle contracts but doesn’t have the resources to release that contraction, which causes oddities like this video. There are a few sneaky tricks to avoiding the pitfalls, including getting enough electrolytes, proper hydration, and simply not going overboard on your workout. 

Point being: People, be smart about your training and don’t skip the warm-up or cool-down parts of your workout.