Looks like Drago’s still got it. Dolph Lundgren is hardly a novice when it comes to posting killer Instagram workouts, or when it comes to boxing training.

The Rocky IV actor has shown no signs of slowing down, and has taken to showing off his impeccable form and impressive lifts to his 860,000-plus IG followers.

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His latest Instagram clip comes to us via the stunt crew on the set of Aquaman—Lundgren’s latest project. The intensely edited sparring sequence shows Lundgren throwing mean hooks and jabs at the stunt crew on the movie. Based on his boxing prowess in the video, we think it’s a safe bet that he could still take on his Rocky-era opponents.

Take a look at the video below:

If his Instagram is any indication, Lundgren’s taken his training up a notch as of late. Just a day after the boxing clip was posted, he threw up another workout clip, this one featuring some impressive bent-over rows.

Lundgren’s Instagram is quickly becoming packed with fitness as he shows off his Aquaman training regimen.

Follow Lundgren on Instagram at @dolphlundgren.

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