Since Conor McGregor faced Floyd Mayweather Jr. back in August, it seems that he’s been on one long vacation. His Instagram has gone from intimidating pictures of him training, to pictures of him on the water observing massive yachts. He deserves the vacation, since he reportedly raked in upwards of $100 million from the fight.

His latest extracurricular activity involved him bashing Glasgow Rangers soccer fans while in the city to attend an An Evening with Conor McGregor event. The Scottish city has two major soccer teams: the Glasgow Rangers and the Glasgow Celtics. The rivalry and, some would argue, hatred, between their fans is intense.

It appears that someone in the audience took offense when McGregor continued to sing Celtic songs, which resulted in some beer to the face.

Conor McGregor Dancing

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The clip is pretty short, so we don’t know how “The Notorious” reacted to the unexpected shower. Something tells us that the act didn’t go unpunished.

As far as the Octagon is concerned, we still don’t know who McGregor’s next opponent will be, but we’ve done a bit of the leg work and compiled a list of potential opponents (you can thank us later).

Until McGregor actually chooses an opponent, speculation is all we have, and his extremely entreating life outside of the ring.

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