After the vicious punishment he took in Peter Berg’s Lone Survivor, Mark Wahlberg is back for more, teaming up with Berg once again for Mile 22.

As usual, Wahlberg stars as patriotic, gun-totin’ tough guy James Silva, a CIA operative from a special top-secret unit known as Overwatch. (This Overwatch is presumably not to be confused with the ultra-popular game of the same name, although if British co-star Lauren Cohan ends up saying Tracer’s iconic line—”Cheers love, cavalry’s here!”—don’t say we didn’t warn you.)

Silva’s task: Smuggling an asset out of a foreign country. It seems straightforward enough, but the supposed “low-level cop” asset (martial artist Iko Uwais) is actually a lot more—he has some information about the whereabouts of nine pounds of stolen radioactive isotope, and his government really, really wants to keep him quiet. Also, he is exceptionally good at kicking ass.

Fortunately, joining Wahlberg’s flinty operative are two fellow badasses of the screen: Cohan, who capably toted her share of shotguns on The Walking Dead, and Ronda Rousey, who professionally incapacitated people before joining up with WWE and… diversifying the applications of her famous arm-bar.

Check out the trailer.

Produced by STXFilms, who also recently announced they were producing a new action-comedy franchise starring Vin Diesel, this is Wahlberg’s fourth partnership with Berg. As well as Lone Survivor, they worked together on Patriot’s Day and Deepwater Horizon. While this one isn’t based on a true story like their other outings, it promises to be packed with the grown-up brand of action and heady political espionage-style drama that Berg specializes in.

Mile 22, directed by Berg and starring Wahlberg, Rousey, Cohan, Uwais, and John Malkovich, hits theaters on August 3.