UFC’s Khabib Nurmagomedov is out for blood, and has his eyes laser-focused on current lightweight champ Conor McGregor. The two recently got into a twitter spat, and it seems that Nurmagomedov is hoping to use that momentum to carom into an actual fight deal.

Nurmagomedov made a few bold proclamations about McGregor in a recent interview with TMZ. Take a look at the video below: 

The UFC contender accused McGregor of not wanting a real test in the Octagon, and went as far as to say that he’ll fight McGregor for no money, just the title. He also mentioned that he’d fight both McGregor and Tony Ferguson on the same night.

This is the original tweet from McGregor that began the social media battle between the two:

Despite McGregor’s bulletproof demeanor, he knows Nurmagomedov would be no easy-out. The lightweight champ hasn’t been in the Octagon in more than a year, and both fans and potential fighters are growing impatient.