Watch: Outlandish ‘Where’s the Money’ Trailer Stars a Ripped Terry Crews, King Bach, and Logan Paul

The plot may seem a little far out, but that won’t stop us from laughing at the outlandish physical comedy and great personalities.

All strength, no weakness must’ve been the motto when the Where’s the Money cast was assembled. The famously strong Terry Crews, the low-key muscular King Bach, and Instagram star Logan Paul star in this outlandish, R-rated comedy.

The movie chronicles Del (Bach), who's tasked with joining a fraternity in hopes of recovering a million dollars that his Uncle Leon (Crews) stored in the wall of a rundown home that's since become a frat house. You can tell by this red band trailer that they've completely embraced all of the things they could say and do thanks to the movie's R rating.

Crews' physique looks as jacked as ever in the trailer, and King Bach, a well-known Instagram comedian, isn't short on muscle either. Check out his Instagram for some proof:

A post shared by KingBach (@kingbach) on

A post shared by KingBach (@kingbach) on

Where’s the Money hits theaters on October 20.