Watch: WWE's Sheamus Talks Recovery and Using a Neck Hammock

His advice? "It's not just about lifting weights."

Sheamus in a Neck Hammock
Courtesy The Celtic Warrior Workout on YouTube

"The Celtic Warrior" is taking a break from Raw for some much-needed healing, and isn't afraid to share his recovery methods with fans.

While WWE's Sheamus has gained legions of fans around the world for his outlandish in-ring personality and stunning physique, the superstar took to YouTube this week to stress the importance of recovery in the workout process:

On his YouTube channel, Sheamus admitted that for the past six months he's actually been dealing with a serious case of stenosis—a narrowing of the neck's spinal canal that can cause severe problems if not properly treated. As a result, he's currently taking a break from WWE to address it.

As for how he's recovering from his injuries, it's sadly not as exciting as you'd think. In the video, he demonstrates the way he uses a neck harness to keep himself in place for 20 minutes. It's clearly not very intense, but Sheamus stresses the importance of recovery and notes that it's just as important as crushing it in the gym when it comes to staying healthy. It's definitely some solid advice from a professional.

It's also worth pointing out that Sheamus' display case featured in the video shows off his Muscle & Fitness cover, which is certainly a worthy achievement. Check out his "Celtic Warrior" workout routine here.