If you haven’t seen Logan, you’re doing yourself an absolute disservice. It’s one of the few movies that made you cheer when heads literally rolled across the floor and tear up 5 minutes later. Recently, we were graced with one a behind-the-scenes clip of Hugh Jackman channeling his inner Wolverine.

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This scene is one of the more gory and intense parts of the movie, and Jackman treated it a such. He’s so engulfed in the role in this clip that we actually thought claws were going to shoot out from between his knuckles.

It’s unfortunate to see Jackman’s version of Wolverine come to an end, but we can’t say it ended on a bad note. As a bit of a consolation prize, there are rumors swirling that a possible X-23 movie could be on the horizon, but only time will tell. 

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The film directed by James Mangold debuted by making $247 million worldwide to date, according to forbes.com.