What If: Fan Makes Epic Marvel vs. DC Superhero Mashup Trailer

Could Thor take on Superman in a fair fight? Does Deathstroke shoot straighter than Deadpool? This video makes us wonder more than ever.

marvel vs dc mashup

For comic and superhero fans, a lot of our time on the playground as kids was spent arguing about who would win in a massive fight we were never likely to see. Batman taking on Iron Man, Superman vs. The Hulk, Wolverine pitted against the Green Lantern -- the list goes on infinitely. Thankfully, one superfan gives us a taste of what it might be like on the big screen. A YouTuber going by Alex Luthor posted a supercut of existing TV and movie clips of existing franchises with expert editing and effects:

It's an exciting ride that stokes our nerdy imaginations and makes us a little less appreciative of the renaissance of high-quality comic book movie releases we thought we might not ever see -- it's hard to believe that a mere 10 years ago, we were anticipating Christopher Nolan's reboot of Batman, Spider-Man 2 was the shining example of the genre, and we didn't know what the future of the X-Men series would look like without Bryan Singer.

Check out the video above and relish in the glory of what maybe could be reality someday.

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